Ice Rink Design | The Pit – Water and Sewer Cost

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Heads-Up Ice Rink Design – Sewer = $$$$$

To operate a Skating Arena involves daily patience and hard work.  It is difficult when the Ice Rink Design does not follow that philosophy and leaves you short.

With the cost of operation being forefront in a manager’s mind it is awkward when you realize some daily expenses could have been avoided.

Paying unnecessary sewer charges is one of them.

Most municipalities or Utilities charge sewer based upon the amount of water you use.

This is why most landscape sprinkler systems are on a separate meter for service, as NONE of that water goes into the sewer. Real #IceRink Design

Ice Rink Design | Create a better Pit

Not all Ice Pits are designed to do their jobs.

We can do the same with a properly designed Water and Sewer system in a new building and with some challenges in an existing building.

The first thing you must do is make sure the city will allow you to dump your melted Ice Water into the waste water system.  this is the preferred method as you don’t have to live around mountains of ice scattered behind your building.

Rarely a municipality will require the water go into the sewer system because of sanitary concerns.

It you can make this a part of your ice rink design then it is a matter of paying for a secondary meter for your Resurfacer Room and any landscaping you may have.

If you are retrofitting a building to save the sewer cost, it is the same with the additional challenges when working around existing conditions.

The easiest is usually installing the new meter or stubbing off an landscape meter and taking a waterline to the Water heaters for your Resurfacer.

Note – this is a good time to think about a heat exchanger for your pit, water heaters and sub-floor heating.

The challenge can be moving the water from the pit to the waste water for the municipality.  With a properly design pit this can be a gravity drained system which is ideal.  But with a small pump and some piping this can also be accommodated depending on the distance to you tie-in to their system.

A good ice rink design will create a Pit that will  save you money, liability and maybe a little hair.

Ice Rink Design – Water and Sewer Cost

Real #IceRink Design

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