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Ice rink Design | Los Alamos County Rink

Ice Rink Design  |  Los Alamos County Rink  |  Los Alamos, New Mexico

The County wanted to make sure the ice rink design for the facility could “last into the Siring” or rather mid-March. To accomplish this, a concrete, multipurpose floor was added with a new refrigeration system and refrigerated floor. The conversion from natural freezing to “artificial” systems had to be completed within a very narrow time frame. #icerink  

NHL Ice Rink Design | Delaware State Fair

Ice Rink Design |  Center Ice - The Delaware State Fair

The Delaware State Fair is a Success year after year. But the campus was only open 10 days a year. With The Skating Rink sitting idle, the Board of Directors wanted and Ice Rink Design and facility, which serves the public 365 days a year.  

The Ice House | Quad Ice Arena

Quad NHL Sheet Ice Arena  |  THE ICE HOUSE

The Hackensack based ICE HOUSE is the practice site for many NHL Hockey teams, home for Oksana Baiul and the “The Late Show”, David Letterman’s 1998 Olympic Zamboni Races.  This eleven-million dollar skating arena was completed in 1998 and houses four official size NHL sheets to serve over nine million people within a 30 minute drive.