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Passaic Arena | Community Center Design

Community Center Design  |  Passaic Arena

3,500 Seat Arena with Dual NHL Ice Retail and Community Park

The Milberger Architectural Group teamed with Dewitt-Tisshman Architects to create schematics for the Community Center Design for Passaic, New Jersey.  Eric Milberger combined his expertise for Arena and gathering spaces with the Retail experience of Peter Dewitt.  The 215,00 sf complex would have been the Hockey and Arena venue for the area.  

Alabama Developmental Rehabilitation Services

ADRS | Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services ( #ADRS ) is a state agency that is unique in the nation for providing assistance to children and adults with disabilities through a seamless system of service delivery. Created by the Alabama Legislature in 1994, the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) is the state agency that serves people with disabilities from birth to old age through a “continuum of services.” The greatest challenge to the design was "No Compromise" when still having to deal with a ever dwindling budget for community services.  The Milberger Architectural Group was able to keep project costs 15% below the regional average and still create a facility that is a leader in Rehab.
ADRS | Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

ADRS | Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services


Ice rink Design | Los Alamos County Rink

Ice Rink Design  |  Los Alamos County Rink  |  Los Alamos, New Mexico

The County wanted to make sure the ice rink design for the facility could “last into the Siring” or rather mid-March. To accomplish this, a concrete, multipurpose floor was added with a new refrigeration system and refrigerated floor. The conversion from natural freezing to “artificial” systems had to be completed within a very narrow time frame. #icerink  

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