Our services


From initial programming and budgets to construction methods and design –
The Milberger Architectural Group has a wide range of experience spanning 55 years.   Ths vast knowlege helps in hte creation of a building that suits you – the client.

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Eric Milberger and his team of associates have worked on small to large projects.  From a living city of 30,000 people to commercial and business sites.  Complete services are available for Planning, Landscape and Civil Design.

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Sketches are the foundation used to present ideas.   But are followed with 30 years of CAD and Graphic Design.  The Milberger Architectural Group is a leader, utilizing new technology like BIM since 1985.

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You are our family.  Following a project though construction is a standard service we can provide.  With experts in the Construction Industry, we can assure the final built meets your expectation.

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Why work with us

We are designing our children’s Future Today.

The Milberger Architectural Group began its journey in 1958 with Joe Milberger coming to Huntsville.  Joe, like so many, was stationed at  Redstone and begin his Architectural Career.  Joe started his own firm in 1962 and grew his practice, designing over 250 school projects and by welcoming clients like the Huntsville and Jackson County Schools Boards, Intergraph, SCI and the City of Huntsville.

Eric Milberger, CEO, joined Joe’s practice in 1986 and is continuing a sixth decade of architectural design in the Tennessee Valley.  Eric has completed projects across the U.S. and has completed architectural services in Canada, England and the Middle East.  The first project Eric and Joe worked together was the Huntsville Iceplex. Their team approach created a nationally recognized facility, a expertise sought across the country and a bond in architecture that is part of the fabric of the Tennessee Valley.

  • The M2 phylosopy is to provide an experience in Architecture combining technology and imagination…

Our process



Client Collaboration
You are the client?

We will develop a relationship with you.  A trust we build by listening to your needs.  We combine our experience of past projects and observations and help you shape your vision.  Our proejects have been around the world.  M2 has designed and consulted on projects across the  United States, and in Canada, England, and the Middle East.

Planning Programming


Planning from the smallest piece to a community.

Is an interpretation of the way we live and work. The environment is shaped to enhance our experiences. Whether for small cities or large communities, the places we work or play.   Here is where we begin putting all the pieces together.  Your experience, needs and vision, with construction types,  regulations and  creativity – are shaped into your vision.


Schematic Design
Architeccture is the combination of all the arts.

This is where the fun begins.  All the planning and development we have done together, combine into our first sketches.  One line, a curve, the shapes that create a model – the small models that build a space, to live and work.  Technology binds intelligence, to assist the owner with a live model,
– the contractor a “smart” model. 

Design Development


The Milberger Architectural Group has the experience to build your vision.

Eric Milberger and his associates have expertise that spans over 50  years.  The Milberger Architectural Group was founded on the design of schools and commercial projects.  Since 1958 they have satisfied thousands of clients with thousands of projects.
The projects have included every discipline in construction from Architectural, Civil, Structural and MEP services.  The types of construction have included Schools, Commercial, Office, Industrial, Food Service, Corporate, Military, Government, Residential and others.  Designs start with a sketch and finish with complete Construction documents.


The Team stays with you though Construction and beyond.

We will be with you during and after construction.  We attend the site for job site meetings, inpsections and owner/contractor conferencs.  Whether for detail review, owner guided changes or on site assistance – we are there.  We  have return clients that have been with us for as long as 25 years.