BAF - Bagram Air Field | Bagram, Afghanistan Bagram, Afghanistan | USAG Garrison - DPW

Bagram Airfield Afghaistan  | Troop Support – Engineering and Architecture

A life time, unique experience.  From dust storms to working with difference cultures, the mission had to continue.  The smallest projects mattered.  From multi-million dollar troop housing, to Garbage disposal and security, every detail and every job affected the lives of those at BAF.

Eric was the lead Architect and sometimes the only Engineer available for long periods of time.  He was responsible for the oversight of Milcon Projects and a new design for troop housing that saved lives.  He had the opportunity to work with people from Afghanistan, Turkey, Australia, Canada, and many other nations.  He received two CAB (Combat Action Badges) for in-coming fire and designed the final security for perimeter protection.

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  • 2012-2013
  • Housing / Offices / Dining
  • Garbage Collextion / Security
  • Concrete B-Huts
  • MILCON Oversight
  • Program Management
  • Engineering
  • Troop Support
  • Assembly Spaces
  • Housing
  • Communications
  • Roadway
  • Warehousing

Project: USAG Bagram DPW
Client: U.S. Airforce and U.S. Army
Date Started: 2012 – 2013
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A time to say thank-you to a Country that gives so much. Thank-you to the soldiers with whom I worked and thank-you to all those that made the experience a treasure.