Robbins Private Arena | Alpine, New Jersey | NHL Studio Rink and Racquetball

Robbins Residence | 85’x110′ Studio Rink and Racquetball Court

The Robbins Residence and Studio Rink is a showplace and one of a kind Private Studio. The Home includes a Studio Rink 85’x110′, a Professional Locker Room, Racquetball Court, Lounge, Professional Kitchen, Wet Bar and Outdoor Kitchen.

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  • Winter 2012
  • One 85’x100′ Studio Sheet
  • Racquetball Court
  • Professional Locker Room
  • Lounge
  • Chef’s Kitchen
  • Wet Bar
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • A-4 Assembly / Residential
  • Type IV-B Unprotected
  • Two Story
  • $17 million 

Project: Robbins Residence
Client: Private Client
Date Started: Summer 2008
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A private Studio Rink for the family.