MESA Arizona | Dry Ice - Dual NHL Arenas

Dial Ice Rink for Mesa, Arizona
Ice Rink Design

Regional Ice  | Dual Ice Arenas with 1200 Seating


Mesa Dry Ice is designed and planned as a regional Arena.  Its location is selected  to support and enhance the relationships between all the regional skates in the area.

  • 2016
  • Dual Sheets
  • 1200 Seats
  • 8 Locker Rooms
  • Restaurant
  • 4 Team Locker Rooms
  • A-4 Assembly
  • Type II-B Unprotected
  • One Story with Mezannine
  • 62,550/20,000 sf
  • $9 million Renovation
  • $110/sf

Project: MESA Arizona Dry Ice
Client: MESA Ice Adventures
Date Started: December 2015


A perfect venue to foster the sport. Understands the customer – whether skater or parent, coach or play.