Los Alamos Outdoor Rink | Los Alamos, New Mexico | Single Outdoor NHL Rink

Los Alamos Ice Rink | Los Alamos County – One Outdoor NHL Sheet – 500 Seating

The Los Alamos Outdoor Ice Rink is settled among large pines and majestic mountains, the Los Alamos Arena has served families for many generations. The arena was an open air facility lasting from October through Late Winter.

The County wanted to make sure the facility could “last into the Siring” or rather mid-March. To accomplish this, a concrete, multipurpose floor was added with a new refrigeration system and refrigerated floor. The conversion from natural freezing to “artificial” systems had to be completed within a very narrow time frame.

A “solar Curtain” system was designed to passively assist the refrigeration system in lengthening the available “Ice Time”.

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  • Winter 2002
  • One NHL Sheet
  • 500 Seats
  • New Ice Plant 
  • A-2 Assembly
  • Type II-B Unprotected
  • One Story
  • $50.00/sf

Project: Los Alamos Ice Rink
Client: Los Alamos County
Date Started: Winter 2012
Los Alamos Rink


A new beginning for a seasonal rink.