Huntsville IcePlex | Huntsville, AL | Dual Indoor NHL Arena with 1200 Seating

Huntsville’s ICEPLEX | Dual NHL Sheets – 1200 Seating

The Benton H. Wilcoxon Municipal Iceplex is a showplace for Huntsville’s ice skating talent. Built as a first and one of a kind facility it is drawing attention from around the country.

The Milberger Architectural Group in unity with FRIA and Huntsville designed a facility which will serve many needs as an ice skating and convention center. The project had an extremely tight budget yet was designed at $43.00 per square foot, almost half the national average for this type of facility.

The Masonry Institute Awarded its First Annual “Top Block” Award to Eric Milberger, Architect. The award was presented in recognition for excellence in concrete masonry design and construction.

The Huntsville Municipal lCEPLEX has 65,575 sq. ft. located on three levels. The first floor houses the main activities, rooms, business offices, restrooms, two rinks, ice equipment rooms, special rooms, and game rooms. The second floor has a balcony overlooking the main rink and six meeting rooms. Visit The Huntsville Iceplex at Visit the Huntsville Ice Complex

  • Winter 1989
  • Two NHL Sheets
  • 1200 Seats
  • Viewing Lobby
  • A-2 Assembly
  • Type II-B Unprotected
  • One Story w/ Mezzanine
  • 65,557 sf
  • $43.00/sf
  • $2,700,000

Project: The Huntsville Iceplex
Client: City of Huntsville, Alabama
Date Started: Spring 1990
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A first of its generation Rink. This rink focuses on the customer – kids, families, experts and beginners….