Point Mallard Ice Complex | Decatur, Alabama | Single NHL Ice Arena

Point Mallard Ice Complex  |  Decatur, Alabama  | One NHL Sheet 

The Decatur, Point Mallard Ice Complex was designed in 2000 and shines as “one of the nicest rinks in the entire United States.” Ten years later the facility looks the same today as the day it was constructed.

The culmination of the Milberger Architectural Group’s design experience has lead to a building which is easy to maintain and is very handsome to the customers. This building was also built at 30% lower than the national average costs for construction.

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  • Fall 2001
  • One NHL Sheet
  • 300 Seats
  • 4 Locker Rooms
  • 3 Party/Meeting Rooms
  • A-4 Assembly
  • Type II-B Unprotected
  • One Story
  • 39,000 sf
  • $2.7 million 
  • $71.00/sf

Project: Point Mallard Ice Complex
Client: City of Decatur, Alabama
Date Started: Fall 2001
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Built to last – the facility looks today just as it did when it opened in 2001. Quality Materials and and ergonomic layout created a building which functions and services well.