Capital Clubhouse | Waldorf, Maryland | NHL Ice and Dry Court Arena

Capital Clubhouse | One NHL Sheet – One Dry Court – One Studio Court

The Capital Clubhouse is unique – housing Ice Skating, Inline, Soccer, Olympic caliber Volleyball and Rock Climbing as feature elements of this new training facility. The facility has One NHL Ice Sheet, One NHL Sized Dry Court for Soccer, Volleyball, etc., and One Studio Dry Court for training and small court play. You will find Hockey, Figure and Public Skating as well as Soccer Training every day. The building also has a “state of the art” Rock Climbing wall surrounded by the three sports arenas. Visit Capital Clubhouse at

  • March 2005
  • One NHL Sheet
  • One 85’x200′ Dry Court
  • One Studio Dry Court
  • 500 Seats
  • 8 Locker Rooms
  • Fitness Center
  • A-4 Assembly
  • Type II-B Unprotected
  • Two Story
  • 92,800 sf
  • $7.2 million 
  • $77.60/sf

Project: Capital Clubhouse
Client: Charles County Parks and REcreation
Date Started: March 2005


Where Dry Court Training and Ice Skating meet. The premiere skating venue in the Metro D.C. Area.