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The City of Huntsville’s Brahan Spring Natatorium has been billed as the“fastest water in the South”.

The Milberger Architectural Group’s premier strength is its research and development.  When new and innovative techniques and skills are required they have the ability to ask questions and get answers.  Their success in Natatorium Design is a landmark to the community.


The Fastest Water in the South

The Milberger Architectural Group works with not only the client, but its staff and management.   They are trained to negotiate client needs and their wants.  A building must always function as intended, meet the budget and be aesthetically pleasing.  The Brahan Spring Park Natatorium is one of the finest indoor-outdoor swimming facilities in the nation.

Natatorium Design

The Natatorium was designed in 1977 with one Olympic pool.  The Natatorium swimming pool is 50 meters long by 25 yards wide, with a deep diving well and features two three-meter and two one-meter Maxi-Flex diving boards. Pool water temperature is maintained at approximately 82 degrees year around.

There are also 400 spectator seats, men and women’s locker and shower rooms, a sundeck and a fitness area.  A major feature, that is still enjoyed today, is the fully operational retractable roof. The roof was designed for year around enjoyment and is always rolled back during warmer days.

Public swimming sessions are available year-round for persons interested in recreational swimming, lap swimming and springboard diving. Water Aerobics classes are also available.
The Milberger Architectural Group , “beats the clock” with  intelligent Natatorium Design.  

“The Huntsville’s Natatorium – a premier facility for the South.”  the Huntsville times

We have partnered with Counsilman | Hunsaker  a leading Swimming Pool Designer and White Water a recreation water expert.  –   Natatorium Design.  

Visit the Natatorium @ The Huntsville Natatorim
Teams/Clubs: High School Swim Team, USA Swimming Team, Masters Swim Team
Visit the Huntsville Swim Association @


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