First DH in Illinois Opens with a WOOF!

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The first #DOGHAUS for M2Architects is now open in Rockford Illinois.  It opening weekend exceeded expectations with the largest weekend opening for all off their Stores.

Another specialty restaurant opens up in East Rockford on Saturday.  An offer for a free hot dog at Dog Haus had people lining up out the door to the newest addition to Rockford’s food scene.

“We’ve been training all week, people are working hard, very tired,” said Brand Manager at Dog Haus Adam Gertler. “When they come in and see the line of people it just get everybody in the kitchen psyched.”

Inside was a packed house. First time customers ordered from an extensive menu to get their free dog.

Dog Haus Restaurant – Rockford IL


Dog Haus Restaunt Menu

“We want everyone to get that first taste,” said Gertler.  “We know they’re going to want to come back and try everything on the menu.”

Gertler says bringing a business like this to Rockford makes good financial sense.  He adds the affordable pricing and its convenient location is what people here want.  Dog Haus customer Anfernee Houston agrees.

“My first impression was you’re bringing hot dogs here?” said Anfernee.  “After tasting this, I’m like stay.  Please stay.”

“The days of plug in another fast food place and it’s going to do fine are kind of gone,” said Gertler.

“This hot dog is really amazing,” Dog Haus Customer Derrick McIntyre.  “I never thought I would be so hyped over a hot dog.”

Many chowed down at the full bar and others were beaming with excitement, as a full tray of food sits waiting to be eaten.

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