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The FIRST in North America one of the FIRST in the WORLD. A Glass Floor that changes from one sport to another with the "Flip of a Switch".

#LegacySports #GlassFloor will have #Volleyball, #Basketball, #Soccor and #Pickelball year around.   Sports can be changed in a manner of seconds and facilitate from one pair to an entire tournament.

LEGACY Arena – Phoenix Arizona in Permitting

The project will be the largest private development for Youth through Professional Sports in the Region. The First Draft of the rendering is in Production.

First Draft for Rendering

Massing of the Entry for the Legacy Sports Arena

#LegacySports will become the regional hub for #Hockey, #Volleyball, #Basketball and #Pickelball. The Milberger Architectural Group  |

First DH in Illinois Opens with a WOOF!

The first #DOGHAUS for M2Architects is now open in Rockford Illinois.  It opening weekend exceeded expectations with the largest weekend opening for all off their Stores.

Another specialty restaurant opens up in East Rockford on Saturday.  An offer for a free hot dog at Dog Haus had people lining up out the door to the newest addition to Rockford's food scene.

"We've been training all week, people are working hard, very tired," said Brand Manager at Dog Haus Adam Gertler. "When they come in and see the line of people it just get everybody in the kitchen psyched."

Inside was a packed house. First time customers ordered from an extensive menu to get their free dog.

Dog Haus Restaurant - Rockford IL