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Ice House Sends a New Group of Skaters to the 2018 Winder Olympics in Pyeonghang

We celebrate and Congratulate the newest group of skaters from the Ice House on their way to the 2018 Olympics.  The Ice House  is a 4 Sheet Ice Area design by Eric Milberger.  The Ice House celebrates this year, having sent 35 skaters to the Olympics.   read further......


HACKENSACK – In a spirited, fun-filled sendoff event at the Ice House, figure skaters bound for Pyeongchang performed for spectators one last time before competing in the Olympic Games next month.

The Hackensack ice rink is celebrating its 20th anniversary, introducing youngsters to figure skating and hockey, and training athletes to compete on the world stage. The four-rink complex has sent over 35 figure skaters to compete in the Olympic Games in the last two decades.

“We are so proud of our hardworking and dedicated coaches,” Craig Maurizi, director of the Ice House’s figure skating program, told the crowd. “We have eight members of our coaching staff who have competed in the Olympic Games. We also have nine coaches who coached at the Olympic Games.”

Winter Olympics: Who are the Ice House Olympians?

Winter Olympics: Ice House in Hackensack sending 11 skaters to Games in Pyeongchang

The 11 athletes competing in 2018 will represent five countries — Israel, Switzerland, Slovakia, Canada and Australia — in the ladies' singles, men's singles, pairs and ice dance competitions.

 “Tonight, we are showing why we’ve earned the title of Ice House of Champions,” said Maurizi.

At the event, called Ice Dreams 2018, the evening was more laid-back then the tense atmosphere of the Olympic ice rink. Skaters of all ages got their turn on the ice. Perfectly executed jumps – and even those that were a little wobbly – earned the cheers and applause of the audience.

For Geetha, 7, and Swathi Manchu, 4, of River Edge, it was their first time seeing figuring skating in person. The girls have signed up to start classes next month.

“I think it’s the funnest thing, especially on the East Coast,” said their father, Sreedhar Manchu.

The skaters were certainly having fun. With song choices like Cup of Life by Ricky Martin and Turn Down for What by Lil John/DJ Snake, it’s hard not to.

“I do want to try ice skating, it looks really cool,” said Betty Nagel of Teaneck. She came out to support her sister, Jordana. “Ice skating is all she talks about.”

The show was a bit of a homecoming for Natia Manizhashvili of Dumont, who moved to the U.S. from Georgia. She stopped skating after entering high school, where she joined track.

“I used to ice skate here, it feels good to be back,” said Manizhashvili, who started skating because she wanted to be the movies. “I’m excited to see the Olympians and want to meet them.”

Emily and Hanna Jacobson were there to support their classmate who was skating in the show. The girls watched figure skating on television before coming to Ice House to learn a little about the sport.

“I hope you do well!,” said Emily Jacobson.

Ted Baruli of Fair Lawn also came to see his sister, Helen, in the show. But his ambitions on the ice are a little different from hers.

“I think I will go with hockey if my mom says so,” said Baruli.

New Rink Proposed for Florida

This is a new video for a project in Florida. The complex will have #IceSkating #Hockey, #Tennis and #Basketball. The Milberger Architectural Group Focus is client driven design to create a facility that is successful for the owner, customer and community. Click to see Video  

How to Build an Ice Arena Project (Or Bust!)


Dial Ice Rink for Mesa, Arizona

MESA Arizona Dual Ice Arena Schematics Finished

Rink Magazine - Revisited

Published Spring 2003 - Revisited 2016
So, you’ve decided to build an Ice Rink.  All the excitement, success and glory stand in front of you.  There’s nothing in your way.  Thousands of families, children, excitement and fun will be seen everywhere.  The cash will roll in and you’ll smile every time you walk in the door.  It’s possible, but, not without a strong foundation. That foundation is built upon a few blocks:  Client, Time, Program, Expertise and Need.  You will find that these keys are all interrelated, relying of the success of the others.  You cannot build a facility $3 million over budget - you cannot overcharge your hourly rates nor can you operate for 32 hours a day. As an architect, I am surprised by how many forget or have a narrowed view of who the client is.  The client is kids, families, hockey skaters, public skaters, figure skaters, churches, schools, old, young, new and novice skaters – not just one client but many clients.  Any project which focuses on one client is far short of its potential.  Diversification is a key to any businesses success.  Design a facility which will serve all your potential clients. When you schedule your ice, you pay attention to daily, weekly and yearly needs.  You must do the same with the construction of your project.  You cannot have a successful first year if you open mid February.  It must be noted that your schedule is the most important factor affecting not only design, but your abilities to meet commitments.