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The LEGACY Sports Arena GroundBreaking Ceremony – Phoenix Arizona

The Ground Breaking was this past week with a wonderful crowd and city official in attendance.   This $84 million is the first of its kind facility in the U.S.  #LegacySportsArena and Hotel. Legacy Arena Groundbreaking Ceremony


The LEGACY Sports Arena and Hotel – Phoenix Arizona

Updated 4/9/2019

The Ground Breaking is scheduled for May 7th.   And here is the first unveiling of the #LegacySportsArena and Hotel.

The Legacy Arena - Bronco Butte Trail, Phoenix

The Legacy Arena - Located at 2727 Bronco Butte Trail - Phoenix, Arizona


Legacy Sports – Hotel and Arena

The site is coming together for the #LegacySportsArena and Hotel off Bronco Butte Trail.  (Updated Rendering of Site and Buildings 4/9/2019)


The Site plan showcases the Solar Panels and Site.

The Milberger Architectural Group  is proud to work with  K&I Architects and Interiors who are providing design for the team and player focused Hotel