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Ice rink Design | Los Alamos County Rink

Ice Rink Design  |  Los Alamos County Rink  |  Los Alamos, New Mexico

The County wanted to make sure the ice rink design for the facility could “last into the Siring” or rather mid-March. To accomplish this, a concrete, multipurpose floor was added with a new refrigeration system and refrigerated floor. The conversion from natural freezing to “artificial” systems had to be completed within a very narrow time frame. #icerink  

Civic Center | Pelham Civic Complex

The Civic Center  |  Pelham, Alabama

The City of Pelham wanted to build a facility, which would be an asset to the community and serve the entire Birmingham area. After an initial discussion about bringing a professional Hockey team to Pelham, it was decided to build a Civic Center Competition Arena and Banquet Facility for the City of Pelham in Shelby County. After researching other Ice Skating Facilities throughout the Country they came back to Huntsville, Alabama home of the Number One Ice Facility in the Country. Eric Milberger was chosen as the architect not only because of his success with Huntsville’s Ice Skating Facility but because of his complete knowledge of how a Skating facility would function and knowing it’s needs “inside-out”.  

Brahan Springs Natatorium | Natatorium Design

The City of Huntsville’s Brahan Spring Natatorium has been billed as the“fastest water in the South”.

The Milberger Architectural Group’s premier strength is its research and development.  When new and innovative techniques and skills are required they have the ability to ask questions and get answers.  Their success in Natatorium Design is a landmark to the community.