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The Milberger Architectural Group began its journey in 1958 with Joe Milberger coming to Huntsville.  Joe, like so many, was stationed at  Redstone and begin his Architectural Career.  Joe started his own firm in 1962 and grew his practice hiring and training local Architects and Engineers. The firm designed over 250 school projects and by welcomed clients like the Huntsville and Jackson County School Board, Intergraph, SCI and the City of Huntsville.  


The FIRST in North America one of the FIRST in the WORLD. A Glass Floor that changes from one sport to another with the "Flip of a Switch".

#LegacySports #GlassFloor will have #Volleyball, #Basketball, #Soccor and #Pickelball year around.   Sports can be changed in a manner of seconds and facilitate from one pair to an entire tournament.

The LEGACY Sports Arena GroundBreaking Ceremony – Phoenix Arizona

The Ground Breaking was this past week with a wonderful crowd and city official in attendance.   This $84 million is the first of its kind facility in the U.S.  #LegacySportsArena and Hotel. Legacy Arena Groundbreaking Ceremony


The LEGACY Sports Arena and Hotel – Phoenix Arizona

Updated 4/9/2019

The Ground Breaking is scheduled for May 7th.   And here is the first unveiling of the #LegacySportsArena and Hotel.

The Legacy Arena - Bronco Butte Trail, Phoenix

The Legacy Arena - Located at 2727 Bronco Butte Trail - Phoenix, Arizona