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New Prototype | Old Building – Lessons in #BIM and #3D Modeling

Things are not always easy.    Especially when you work with existing conditions where you have no control. PLUS .... (Click further for the video)  

New Rink Proposed for Florida

This is a new video for a project in Florida. The complex will have #IceSkating #Hockey, #Tennis and #Basketball. The Milberger Architectural Group Focus is client driven design to create a facility that is successful for the owner, customer and community. Click to see Video  

Dry Run – Project for Proposed Dual Arena in Arizona

This is the first try with #LumenRT and an Ice Arena project proposed in Arizona  The project is proposed as a regional facility to service both #Hockey and #FigureSkaters. The Milberger Architectural Group focus on #IceRink Design leads the nation in a design that understands who the clients are. Mom's, Dad's, Skater, Hockey, Figure Skating, the Public, a Mayor, City Councilman, Operator, Instructor, Adult Hockey Player, Amateur, Professional and beginner.