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    Working with government clients like NASA, DOD, Army, Airforce, Redstone, Intergraph and SCI since 1962.





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    The Milberger Architectural Group llc., 
    Since 1958 M2Architects have been creating spaces that foster creativity and a positive learning experience.



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Federally Registered Indian Owned Corporation  |  Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma C012862


Designing Our Children’s Future today.

Since 1962 the The Milberger Architectural Group has been shaping the future.

Through innovative, creative and environmentally sensitive design we have been a part of our client’s future.

What we do

  • MESA Arizona

    The Initial Schematics have been completed and ready to go forward. But a site still needs to be finalized and that may cause a change in course.

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  • Phoneix Enterprises

    The Milberger Architectural Group is proud to share a 25 year history serving Phoenix Industries. Phoenix Industries mission to serve those with exceptional talents is a wonderful part of the Huntsville Legacy.

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  • A Study for “the Passaic Center”

    The Milberger Architectural Group was asked to investigate a community Center Project for Passaic New Jersey. Sitting among a thriving Hispanic community experiencing a rebirth.

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Who is the Customer

I believe the CUSTOMER is always first.  This is your project.  You hire The Milberger Architectural Group, to take your ideas and help them grow.  We will put ourselves into your environment – to make suggestions and create solutions.  We are not just creating together a building but a place to live and succeed.

Eric Milberger | Architect + Planner + Sustainability

The Team

You are part of our team.  Our team members have worked together for as long as 30 years.
We work nationally and team with other Architects and Engineers.  We maintain National Registrations and are currently licensed in many States the U.S.  The Milberger Architectural Group maintains a Secret security clearance for governement contracts.

Nationally Recognized

Our work has been located across the United States, Canada, U.K. and Middle East.

Current Projects are in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado and Tennessee.  Past projects span the U.S. from Washington to New Jersey, Alabama to New Mexico and places in between.

Eric Milberger is recognized as a leading National Architect for Recreation Design.

Phylosophy of Design

The M2 Phylosophy is simple.

You must combine the needs of the client,
the environment of what he does with the environment where the project is.
Assure the building functions for the use,
and forms to the well being of those living in the space.
You must combine all the Arts (Song, sculpture, painting, dance, lighting) with Engineering with,
Methods of Construction and Materials.

You must combine all these things with a dexterous mind, without and preconceived notions.


Ideas, Thoughts, Concepts, Colors, Textures, Climates, People all crash together to create a Sketch.

From very small to very grand ideas Sketches take napkins and doodles to a piece of Architecture that stands through time.


Once a Sketch begins to take shape.  Our team of Architects, Designers and Engineers add the programming and raw needs of a client to create Plans, Elevations, Interior and Exterior Environments.

Very practical applications of square footage and “FUNCTION” are met with the beginnings of “FORM”.  Light and Color and  Texture and Views all start to shape the function of the spaces being created.


All the factors we face in our environment shape the buildings or spaces we design.

The combination of all the “Arts” is the goal when taking functional elements and sculpting them into the spaces we live within.

Music, Painting, Sculpture, Engineering and the Dance of People all combine with our Sketches to create the Sculpture of spaces where we live and interact.


Architecture is responsible and must be a part of its environment.

sometimes that is “Loud and Vibrant” and sometime “Soft” and melting into its surroundings.

Architect |  Eric Milberger – “The building is an extension of the client and the community.  As you see our designs across the U.S., they show history.  This history define the time of when they were built but also the future.”


Architecture is the sum total of Knowledge.  It cannot just be a pretty picture for the moment.  Architecture lasts through time.

It must be responsible, sustainable and a part of our lives and the lives of future Generations.

The Milberger Architectural Group has been a part of the Tennessee Valley fabric since 1958.

Designing Our Children’s Future Today.

Eric Milberger
Architect + Planner | The Milberger Architectural Group, llc

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Local Architects | Architecture + Master Planning

The Milberger Architectural Group began its journey in 1958 with Joe Milberger coming to Huntsville.  Joe, like so many, was stationed at  Redstone and begin his Architectural Career.  Joe started his own firm in 1962 and grew his practice hiring and training local Architects and Engineers. The firm designed over 250 school projects and by welcomed clients like the Huntsville and Jackson County School Board, Intergraph, SCI and the City of Huntsville.  

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The FIRST in North America one of the FIRST in the WORLD. A Glass Floor that changes from one sport to another with the "Flip of a Switch".

#LegacySports #GlassFloor will have #Volleyball, #Basketball, #Soccor and #Pickelball year around.   Sports can be changed in a manner of seconds and facilitate from one pair to an entire tournament.

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The LEGACY Sports Arena GroundBreaking Ceremony – Phoenix Arizona

The Ground Breaking was this past week with a wonderful crowd and city official in attendance.   This $84 million is the first of its kind facility in the U.S.  #LegacySportsArena and Hotel. Legacy Arena Groundbreaking Ceremony


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